PRONASEL, was founded in March 15th of 1994 in Lima, Peru.

We started growing, processing and marketing Tomatos and Red Onions. First, to the main whole sale market of Lima and later to two of the biggest supermaket chains of the country, Wong Corporation and Peruvian Supermarkets, for 2 years in a row.

In 1996, we continue growing, processing and marketing the same products and also some fruits like sandia, melon, and citrics.

In 2002, we were named exclusive supplier of Peruvian Corn. First to only 5 supermarkets and in less than a year to 17 supermarkets of Wong Corporation.

owadays we supply corn to 50 supermarkets of CENCOSUD, known before as Wong Corporation. With Fresh Whole corn and Kernel Corn, Packed Fresh Whole corn and Kernel Corn, Cooked Whole Corn and Kernel Corn.

In 2011, we started exporting frozen native vegetables from Peru including Corn, Rocoto hot pepper, Yellow Chilli Pepper and Yellow Potato.

In 2014, we opened a new line of products for HORECA businesses.

Nowadays Pronasel continues being exclusive supplier of Cencosud supermarkets, and has the best quality of export products.

Our Mission

We seek to fully meet the needs of our customers by offering agricultural and agro-industrial products with high value, especially with native Peruvian products as "Choclo Serrano", with global standards of quality, safety and affordable prices.

Our Vision

We see ourselves as a leading company in the production, marketing and export of agricultural and agro industrial products in the local and internacional market, gaining recognition as one of the main ambassadors of Peru to raise awareness of the distinctive characteristics and unique taste of Peruvian products.