Papa en salsa Huancaína (4 portions)


12 Yellow potatos previously cooked and peeled.
4 Black olives
4 Boiled eggs
¼ Lb of fresh cheese
Grains from 1 cooked Corn cob
Huacatay leafs

Huancaína Sauce

3 Yellow chilli peppers
½ Of a red onion
¼ Of a cup of oil
1 Slice of a french bread loaf
¼ of evaporated milk
2 Oz of fresh cheese

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  • Take out the veins and seeds from the yellow chilli pepper.
  • Cut the onion in four pieces and put it in a frying pan with hot oil seasoning with pepper.
  • Cook at low heat for a few minutes. Add the bread previously shreded and the milk.
  • Take this mix out from the heat and let it cool down.
  • Add the cheese and blend the whole preparation.


  • Serve on a plate putting slices of the cooked yellow potatos on the bottom.
  • Poor the sauce on top and garnish with the olives and boiled eggs, some fresh cheese and grains of corn. Decorate with huacatay leafs.

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