Sancochado (4 portions)


1 ½ Cups of beef
1 Chopped leek
2 Peeled and chopped carrots
1 Lb of peeled and chopped yuca
4 Peeled potatos
1 Lb of peeled pumpkin
½ of a Sprout stripped
½ Cup of Huancaina sauce (creamy yellow chilli pepper and fresh cheese sauce)
½ Cup of rocoto hot pepper sauce

Salsa Criolla (Onion Salad)

1 Red onion
1 Yellow chilli pepper
1 Lime
Cilantro Leafs
1 Tea spoon of oil

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  • Clean up the beef and cut off the extra fat. Put it in a pot covered with water.
  • Add the leek, celery and the carrots. After seasoning with salt, cover the pot and let it boil at medium high heat until the beef turns tender, after approximately one hour.
  • Fifteen minutes before the cooking process ends, add the rest of the vegetables besides the sprout.
  • When the potatos are cooked, bring in the sproud and let the whole mix boil for another tree minutes.

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